Claire, Fix My Life! 


Picky kids? Snarly teens? Spouse on a diet? I can help restore peace to the dinner table and make it a place you are excited to be.

Want to master dinner? We’ll get you cooking happily in no time. Or perhaps you're ready to write a cookbook. I offer proposal and manuscript coaching and editing.

Also, as a member of Shannon Moroney and Associates I provide trauma-informed care and counselling to help develop and support positive relationships with food and cooking.

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"Claire's Peaceful Dinner Table coaching made such a big difference to our family dinners. We used to fight constantly with the kids but now we sit together and have great talks, the girls are eating way more than before and now even like salmon!" - Sally M., Toronto

Book Clubs

Have you ever wanted to just beam some energy and expertise into your kitchen for a private pep talk? Well, now you can. Gather your friends for a private, virtual 90-minute event that is perfect for any group looking for a fun, engaging activity to do together, and who want to make dinner easier, faster and more fun!


Simply book your preferred date and invite your friends. Log onto Zoom and have a great time. Click here to inquire.

Company Team Events

Looking for a dynamic virtual team event that isn’t just fun but also immediately improves your life? These events reduce stress, increase happiness and create a greater sense of balance in the daily lives of your employees. Whether your group is made up of novice or pro cooks, everyone will get a dramatic life upgrade from making dinner uncomplicated.

You’ll take part in fun activities like Dinner Disaster Bingo, The Black Box Dinner Game and Stump the Chef. Choose to add cook-alongs of simple, spectacular meals or shake-alongs of custom cocktails. Events include personalized copies of Dinner, Uncomplicated for each participant. With options for customizable party kit add-ons. Click here to email me for more info.

"Claire is a MUST for any corporate event or workshop! She is such a lively, funny speaker that her workshops are a complete joy. The best part is that she sure knows her stuff and her way around the kitchen! Not only was our class with her so much fun, but we also walked away with new skills, recipes and strategies to try out in our own lives." —Susan Cadman, President, Miik