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Parties & Events 
(in-person or virtual)



Looking for a dynamic team event that isn’t just fun but also immediately improves your life? Whether your group is made up of novice or pro cooks, everyone will get a dramatic life upgrade from making dinner uncomplicated.

Each class focuses on an uncomplicated menu, with lots of my best de-stressing dinner tips sprinkled on top. You’ll take part in fun activities like Dinner Disaster Bingo, The Black Box Dinner Game and Stump the Chef. Choose to cook-along or just watch and have fun (or shake-along with custom cocktails). 

I would love to customize an event for your group. There are also terrific options for bulk-purchase books. Book a free 15-minute call to chat about details right here. Or email me directly right here.




From yo-yo-dieting to picky kids, snarly teens or stubborn adults, lots of us have little "t" trauma around food. I can help.


Let's work together to create your Peaceful Dinner Table. Every session includes my go-to family-approved recipes that everyone enjoy (really!). See below for packages or click here to email me to set up a free 15-minute consultation.

Click here for my FREE age by age guide to kids' kitchen tasks.


"Claire is a MUST for any corporate event or workshop! She is such a lively, funny speaker that her workshops are a complete joy. The best part is that she sure knows her stuff and her way around the kitchen! Not only was our class with her so much fun, but we also walked away with new skills, recipes and strategies to try out in our own lives."
Susan Cadman, President, Miik

"Claire's Peaceful Dinner Table coaching made such a big difference to our family dinners. We used to fight constantly with the kids but now we sit together and have great talks, the girls are eating way more than before and now even like salmon!" - Sally M., Toronto

Coaching Packages


Raising Great Eaters
Want to feel happy and confident about your kids’ life-long eating and cooking...all while making your own dinner table experience peaceful and fun? Of course you do! Through five sessions, you’ll learn everything you need to know so that your kids become great eaters. Part of this princess is learning to cook, too, and contributing to the family dinner experience on a regular basis. The whole package!

Overcoming Picky Eating

No matter if kids are 2, 8 or 16, we parents can often unintentionally encourage picky eating. Over three sessions, I’ll show you how to avoid the two most common mistakes parents make around food and kids and three things you can do right now that eliminate almost all issues with picky eating. Plus how to make sure kids get the right nutrition without a fight so that you can finally relax and enjoy your family time.

Using fast-acting tools I can quickly help your family solve the most troubling picky eating behavious so that you can enjoy eating together every night, starting now. One session.


Although I write about food, I'm also game to tackle other topics—parenting, wellness, current events, travel, lifestyle, etc. Over the years I have contributed to magazines like Chatelaine, Today's Parent, Best Health, Cottage Life, Toronto Star, MoneySense, Harrowsmith, and more. I've also contributed to a number of US publications, including Working Mother, Leite's Culinaria, New Jersey Family Magazine, among others.

If you have a topic you'd think I'd be perfect for, please get in touch. I've included a selection of my work here, but I can provide more examples aligned to your outlet.

Sexual abuse in restaurants (Chatelaine)

Post-partum depression (Today's Parent)

Money-saving in the kitchen (MoneySense)

Five reasons to get kids in the kitchen (Parents Canada)

Debunking cooking myths (Toronto Star)


Recipe Development and Editing

As a seasoned recipe developer, I can create custom recipes to meet whatever parameters you need—time constraints, specific ingredients, dietary needs or certain gear or equipment. I can also test and/or edit existing recipes to refresh the content, ensure accuracy, and more. I'm happy to work with both editorial and advertorial clients.

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