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Stuck in a dinner rut? Out of ideas? Want to make your daily dinner easier and more delicious? Take a virtual cooking class with me! These fun, live, interactive classes bring my favourite recipes and priceless tips, tricks and strategies to life.


Plus, it's just plain FUN.

Can't make it live? You also get lifetime access to the on-demand class and recipes. Check out the upcoming classes right here.

Love learning new recipes and skills? Join Kitchen Uncomplicated, my virtual cooking club, and get access to all my classes, my exclusive recipe video database, private coaching calls and more.

Imagine if every 14-year-old could make five essential recipes. What a gift that would be to them, their families, their friends and future partners....and the world!


I firmly believe that kids as young as 11 can be cooking for their families once a week. In fact, I teach them how! These fun, interactive classes always sell out quickly. Check out what's coming up next right here.

Want to be my co-host? Yeah you do! Take a look at the application right here. 

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Kitchen Uncomplicated is my virtual cooking club membership. In this program, you don't just learn new recipes, you learn how to de-stress dinner forever. In live and video classes, I show you exactly how to get a delicious dinner on the table every night without stress so you can enjoy dinnertime with your family.


If you have picky eaters, dietary requirements, no time, a tiny budget or any other stumbling blocks, I can help! With easy lessons, live cook-along classes and and coaching calls, you'll have everything you need to make an easy, fun, healthy and delicious dinner a reality.


Members have:

  • No stress about dinner. None.

  • Delicious, healthy meals every day—even if they have next to no time.

  • Peaceful solutions for picky eaters of all ages.

  • Easy quality family time every day.

  • More money and less waste.

  • Freezers full of favours to their future selves.

  • Lots of back pocket dinners.

Doesn't that sound great? Click here to get all the details (or to be notified the next time that these programs open for membership.)

"Since joining Kitchen Uncomplicated, we've been eating together at the table for the first time in years. Cleaning out my pantry and fridge to just stock what I actually use has been a relief.  I was overwhelmed with options. Now I can make a simple meal anytime and everyone will eat it. Our family food costs have dropped dramatically and our relationships with our kids have really improved." - Ashley H. 

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