Fixing Dinner

Want to make your daily dinner easy and delicious? Join the next class of my signature course! Fixing Dinner brings to life everything I know about food and cooking. It's an 8-week course that de-stresses dinner and makes it the best part of your day. 

Fixing Dinner gives you the tools to be a confident cook who can comfortably make a delicious dinner any night of the week. This course is unlike any other cooking class on earth because it doesn’t just teach you to make dinner, it overcomes the five roadblocks home cooks experience every day.

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Having an easy, delicious, home-cooked meal most nights of the week is the easiest way to be happier and healthier mentally, physically and financially while taking the best care of yourself and your family.

Fixing Dinner grads have:

  • No stress about dinner. None.

  • Delicious, healthy meals every day—even if they have next to no time.

  • Peaceful solutions for picky eaters of all ages.

  • Easy quality family time every day.

  • More money and less waste.

  • Freezers full of favours to their future selves.

  • Lots of back pocket dinners.

Doesn't that sound great? There will be one or two more cohorts in 2021. Click here to get notified the next time that Fixing Dinner opens for enrolment.

The next class begins January 2021. Registration is open now but only for a very limited time. I'd love for you to join me. Click here for more details and to enrol! 

"Since starting Fixing Dinner we've been eating together at the table for the first time in years. Cleaning out my pantry and fridge to just stock what I actually use has been a relief.  I was overwhelmed with options. Now I feel like I can make a simple meal anytime and everyone will eat it. Our family food costs have dropped dramatically and our relationships with our kids have really improved." - Ashley H. 

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