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Imagine if every 15-year-old could make five essential recipes. What a gift that would be to them, their families, their friends and future partners....and the world!


I firmly believe that kids as young as 11 can be cooking for their families once a week. In fact, I teach them how! These fun, interactive classes always sell out quickly. Check out what's coming up next right here.

These recipes and lessons will provide the foundation for a lifetime of happy, healthy cooking and eating. And even better: they'll give your tweens everything they need to be able to start cooking for their families every week.

Parental involvement is neither expected nor encouraged (except for getting groceries...and eating a delicious dinner made for you by your child!)

Substitutions are available for participants who are vegetarian, lactose, nut or dairy free.

Want to be my co-host? Yeah you do! Take a look at the application right here. 

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