Uncomplicated: The Books

The greatest thrill of my life is to be welcomed into your kitchens by way of my recipes. I love seeing your photos and fielding your questions too so please tag #dinneruncomplicated or #uncomplicatedcookbook.

My new book, Dinner, Uncomplicated: Fixing a Delicious Meal Every Night of the Week is focused on making dinner easier, faster and less stressful. It’s a deep-dive into how–and why–making dinner can be the highlight of your day.

The most common complaint I hear about making dinner is that we don’t have the time. With that in mind, I decided to structure the chapters of Dinner, Uncomplicated to tackle that very crisis: Got 10 minutes before shuffling a kiddo to karate class? How about a Sunday with no commitments, but a jam-packed week looms large? Or maybe you just walked in the door and everyone needs to eat, like now. Relax, I’ve got you covered.


With 90 brand new recipes and six mini-master classes on how to get dinner on the table without breaking a sweat, you’ll be enjoying a delicious dinner before you can say, “Claire, fix my life!”


My first book*, Uncomplicated: Taking the Stress Out of Home Cooking, set out to prove that cooking doesn’t have to be difficult to be delicious. Uncomplicated recipes are easy to shop for (and they don’t break the bank!) easy to prep (no fancy equipment required) and easy to clean up (does anyone actually like doing dishes??). Best of all they are delicious–and I love it when you write to tell me so!

The 125 genius recipes, shortcuts, tips and tricks in Uncomplicated will get you excited about cooking and take the stress out of homemade. I’m is an accomplished chef, but I’m also a busy working mom. I know how to make classic dishes by the traditional method, but after years of working, I’ve figured out a better way of cooking that doesn’t take more time than it needs to.


Every recipe is tested using a rigorous process so you know it will work just as it should. Plus I share how to skip or combine steps, to invite the kids in, to host a dinner party without anxiety, and to remember that food should bring joy, above all else.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 2021, Uncomplicated has gone out of print. I am heartbroken; but this was the publisher's decision. There are still a few individual copies in some independent bookstores. I also am hoping to buy back the rights as soon as possible. 


“Claire Tansey has found an easier way to cook almost everything. (Her five-minute vegetables could change your life.) This is the perfect answer for everyone who thinks cooking is too time-consuming or too hard.”

Ruth Reichl, James Beard Award-winning writer and author a several bestsellers including My Kitchen Year

“Uncomplicated cooking is on everyone’s mind today. In her new book Uncomplicated, Claire shares delicious and easy recipes that will make any cook shine. Follow these recipes, have fun and enjoy a table full of smiles.”

Lidia Bastianich, bestselling author of Lidia’s Celebrate Like an Italian