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De-Stress Dinner Challenge

Wouldn't it be great if making dinner didn't feel like a chore? If, instead of getting that sinking feeling when someone asks "what's for dinner?" you instead could feel confident, happy and maybe even excited?


Join my FREE 5-Day De-Stress Dinner Challenge. In just 20 minutes a day, you'll learn the tips, strategies and recipes that will make dinner the best part of your day! By the end of the week you'll have five essential new skills for making dinner the best part of your day. And yes, it's completely free.


Register here for the next challenge (January 2022).

DAY 1: Figure out your Back Pocket Dinner (or three!) so there’s always an amazing meal on hand.

DAY 2: Learn the five types of home cook and how to use each one’s smartest tricks to make dinner a breeze.

DAY 3: End the struggle with picky eaters with one little trick that has helped hundreds of families.

DAY 4: Start saving money on every grocery bill right away! And learn how to make fresh fruit and veg last longer.

DAY 5: Learn the secret to having dinner motivation ....forever.


"I cannot recommend Claire's live cooking classes enough—for seasoned cooks and dinner providers and struggling chefs alike. Take the chance—you can transform the dinner experience at your house. And it is so worth your time and effort. Thank you, Claire!" —Karin F. 

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